Hydraulic Dredging

The flow must go on.

Wherever water flows, so does sediment. And this sediment will build up over time, causing countless issues ranging from blocked intakes to narrowed watercraft passages and more. But the experts at Veit will clear the way via hydraulic dredging. Our powerful underwater augers relocate an astounding 5,000 gallons a minute of sediment to temporary storage areas where the materials can be further processed as needed. Easy on the environment and your budget, hydraulic dredging relieves sediments, restoring waterways, intakes, retention ponds and other areas to optimal functionality. It’s no wonder that Veit is right for hydraulic dredging.

Hydraulic dredging is an effective means of solving sediment build up in a variety of locations, including:

•    Lakes
•    Marinas
•    Power plants
•    Intake structures

•    Lagoons
•    Ash slurry ponds
•    Water treatment facilities
•    Channels and canals