Drilled Piers

Peerless among piers.

When others say “can’t,” Veit says “sure can.” It’s that simple. No matter the site or subsurface conditions, vibration limitations, tight property lines, overhead restrictions, or existing structures, Veit finds a way to accomplish your drilled piers for commercial, industrial and municipal projects. Veit design professionals work with owners, geotechnical engineers, structural engineers and general contractors to analyze your foundation needs and develop the most effective drilled pier application. For affordable and effective drilled pier solutions, Veit is right.

• Straight shaft piers
• Belled piers
• Dry installation with temporary or           permanent casing
• Wet method (slurry installation)

• Rock coring
• Rebar cage installation
• Anchor bolt installation
• Above grade forming
• Shaft depths (in excess of 110 feet)