Landfill Construction

Landfill construction that’s always at your disposal.

Veit offers landfill clients a distinct advantage: We own and operate two fully permitted construction & demolition debris and industrial waste landfills, and have over 25 years of experience in landfill construction and closure.

Veit’s working knowledge of current regulations and operating issues makes us uniquely qualified to manage these complex projects for clients in private industries and the public sector. And our award-winning safety program is your assurance of worksite safety.

Successful landfill projects require precise placement of materials and liners. Veit has perfected complex excavation and placement techniques, including the use of GPS-guided equipment for grading to tight tolerances. We also have proven expertise in the construction of industrial, MSW, hazardous waste and construction/demolition landfills.

Veit’s experience ranges from managing waste materials during closure operations to working on clay liner installation projects. Our large fleet of specialized equipment, including off-road trucks and scrapers, expedites every landfill project, which makes Veit right for landfill construction and closure.


• Permitting & regulatory compliance solutions
• New landfill construction, cell expansion, and cell closure
• Subgradd preparation
• Compacted low-permeability clay liners
• Geosynthetic clay liners




• Geomembrane liners
• Geotextile fabrics
• Landfill gas/leachate collection system construction
• Containment berms
• Stormwater & erosion controls