The cleanest dirt on earth.

No job site is perfect, but some are more tainted than others. When dealing with sites that require remediation, it’s time to deal with Veit. We bring the knowledge, experience, compliance, people and equipment needed to remove hazardous materials. Brown-fields, dump sites, refineries, power plants, wood treatment plants, rail yards and more, we’ve handled them all. More than that, Veit is exceptional at coordinating with state regulatory agencies and local government organization for a smooth, compliant process. Our compliance begins with HAZWOPER-trained personnel certified to work with hazardous materials and ends with our ability to dispose of many types of contaminated soils at licensed facilities, including Vonco Waste Management Campuses. Without a doubt, for remediation projects, Veit is right.


• Contaminated soil excavation and disposal
• Ex-situ bioremediation (land farming)
• Groundwater air sparge system installation
• Soil vapor extraction system installation
• Cut-off wall construction


• Asbestos/hazardous waste contaminated soil removal
• Mechanical & hydraulic dredging of contaminated soils
• Contaminated soil screening & separation
• Groundwater treatment & filtering system installation
• Biological treatment bed construction (leachate and aeration systems)