Educated in the school of hard knock downs.

Safety. The success of your demolition project depends on it. With more than 87 years of experience behind us, Veit has perfected and advanced its demolition techniques — and raised the bar for safety. In the process, we’ve earned a reputation as one of the Midwest’s leading demolition professionals.

Veit’s full-service capabilities span the range of demolition projects, from removing a single-story commercial building to razing large industrial structures. We’re a company of innovators and problem solvers, and our people are considered the best in the business, allowing us to shine among the dust and debris.

A Veit demolition expert will analyze every critical factor in your proposed demolition, carefully weighing space restrictions, proximity to sensitive resources, geotechnical issues, construction materials, timing and weather, before advising you on the best demolition options for your site. When the need is demolition, trust that Veit is right.