Trenchless Sewer and Manhole Rehabilitation

Responsive service, quality repairs

Worried about deteriorating sewer lines or groundwater infiltration? Discover what municipalities throughout the Midwest know: Veit’s trenchless technologies can be a simpler, more affordable solution to open-cut repairs. When your sanitary sewers or storm sewers demand immediate attention, turn to the experienced problem solvers at Veit. We’re equipped and ready to respond quickly, with a diverse range of the latest timesaving trenchless technologies, robotic equipment, and well-trained crews.

Low-cost trenchless alternatives

We’ll put decades of experience to work for you, safely repairing pipes and restoring manhole structures with efficient, low-cost trenchless alternatives. Using affordable lining solutions such as Cast-in-Place-Pipelining (CIPP®) Veit can eliminate the need for traffic rerouting or new excavation. To finish the job, we can use hot water curing or our proprietary steam curing technique that speeds setup on large diameter pipes. Veit’s video guidance and inspection system ensures fast and safe reinstatement of service.

Veit offers simple, no-dig solutions to manhole repair, too: PermaCast® and PermaForm® are two proven alternatives to costly manhole excavations.

Featured Projects:

City of St. Paul CIPP

Cured in place pipe rehabilitation of aging sanitary and storm sewer piping systems throughout the City of St. Paul, Minnesota. Sewer diameters from 6" to 84" installed using water or air inversion, hot water or steam curing. Additional services include "over the hole" wetout and robotic lateral reinstatements. Liners are custom manufactured based on design parameters per ASTM F1216.

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  • Trenchless Sewer Rehab – CIPP®
  • Trenchless Manhole Rehab – PermaCast® and PermaForm®