The right connection.

When it comes to high production or specialty HDPE pipe fusing, Veit makes the right connections. Whether you’re in water or industrial industries, or involved in gas exploration and transportation markets, our HDPE pipe fusing expertise gives you the strength and dependability you require.

Veit offers pipe fusing services that are environmentally sustainable, corrosion and chemical resistant, and exceed compliance requirements as well as your production expectations. We are experienced with fusing high production butt-fused and specialty pipe in small, medium, and large diameters. What’s more, we’re able to offer increased productivity by utilizing our Fast Fusion equipment and Cool Pac technology, such as our Trac 12 and 20 machines with built-in Cool Pac units.

Markets served:

• Chemical
• Dredging
• Electrical
• Gas gathering
• Geothermal
• Golf course
• Industrial
• Municipal
• Irrigation
• Land drainage
• Landfill
• Mining
• Oil patch
• Paper / paper pulp
• Water / wastewater
• Telecommunications
• Sewer
• Petrochemical

Please contact us to learn more about and learn more about our HDPE pipe fusing services.

  • High Density Polyethylene Pipe Fusing
  • Cool Pac technology
  • Fast Fusion equipment
  • Trac 12 and 20 machines with built