Tough utility project? Whether it’s a municipal job or for private business, count on Veit.

Veit people are resourceful professionals trained to solve a broad range of challenges, from excavating and repairing sewer lines to installing storm lines near highly sensitive utilities. We use proven project management processes that keep your project on schedule, and advanced techniques like video guidance and inspection.

You can be confident your project will be completed on time, on budget-and safely. Veit has one of the best safety records in the industry. 

Utilities Services Include:

  • HDPE Pipe Fusing Services

    When it comes to high production or specialty HDPE pipe fusing, Veit makes the right connections. Whether you’re in water or industrial industries, or involved in gas exploration and transportation markets, our HDPE pipe fusing expertise gives you the strength and dependability you require.
  • Storm/Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Installation

    Whether you’re installing water and sewer lines for new construction – or just need damaged lines repaired – turn to the utility pros at Veit. We also can combine site utilities with mass grading and site demolition for efficient, single-source sitework.
  • Trenchless Sewer and Manhole Rehabilitation

    Worried about deteriorating sewer lines or groundwater infiltration? Discover what municipalities throughout the Midwest know: Veit’s trenchless technologies can be a simpler, more affordable solution to open-cut repairs.
  • Video Inspection/Cleaning and Jetting, Sewer Line Bucketing

    Using CCTV, we can quickly determine the physical condition of your sewer, saving inspection time and eliminating unnecessary maintenance or repairs. Our trenchless rehabilitation and high-pressure water cleaning equipment saves you time and money too.
  • Hydro Excavating/Utility Locating

    Blocked sewer? Veit’s CCTV system quickly locates the source of your sewer blockage. Our hydroflusher uses high-pressure water to clean grease, break up solids and effici