More than a landfill.

It’s an environmentally advanced solid waste disposal and recovery facility.


When you visit one of our VONCO solid waste disposal campuses, it’s more than just going to a typical landfill. By combining capabilities for industrial waste and non-recyclable construction/demolition debris disposal, our waste management campuses offer financially assured, MPCA-permitted solid waste disposal services with convenient, compliant procedures that meet industry standards and regulations.

At our VONCO waste management campuses, you get solid waste disposal services and more. Contact us to find out how we can meet your needs.

Comprehensive capabilities
• Environmental compliance
VONCO waste management campus locations

Comprehensive capabilities. Simple, single source solutions.

In short, we can do it all. Offering services to the industrial, construction, commercial and municipal markets, our solid waste disposal facilities can accept numerous types of waste and debris.

• Industrial waste
• Contaminated soil
• Foundry and general manufacturing wastes
• Construction and demolition waste
• Asbestos
• Ash

We understand the industry and government regulations placed on your business and your time is valuable. That’s why we offer specialized services to help you stay compliant, such as pre-printed manifests, waste profiling services, waste tracking, waste hauling and certificates of disposal.

Conscience clear. Environmental compliance.

It’s no secret this business is a sea of complicated government and environmental regulations. That’s why we’re proud of our environmental compliance and safety record. Our VONCO waste management campus operations exceed state, federal and local regulations, and all our practices incorporate strict safety programs. At VONCO, we’re much more than a landfill. Our operations incorporate advanced liner, leachate and gas management systems, which means you’re working with a facility you can trust.

VONCO waste disposal locations. A whole new world of waste.

Our facilities in Becker and Duluth, Minnesota are the most environmentally advanced and diverse waste management and resource recovery facilities in the region. That’s why we call them waste management campuses. Encompassing a wide variety of services and advanced environmental capabilities, the word “landfill” just doesn’t quite cut it.

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