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Hydraulic dredging for sediment removal.


Facing major sediment buildup? It’s not uncommon for organic and inorganic matter to build up in a sediment collection pond or within water bodies, impeding vital water flow or passage for watercraft. That’s why Veit’s hydraulic dredging services work below the surface to auger and remove buildup with minimal environmental impact and fast, cost-effective processes.

Maybe you’re looking at severe sand or sediment removal needs from the aftermath of flash flooding. Or perhaps it’s a sediment-retaining pond at a power plant that has reached capacity. Or possibly you’re battling sediment buildup at a shallow marina entrance. Regardless of the cause, we have solutions.

Hydraulic dredging is an effective means of solving sediment build up in a variety of locations.

    •    Lakes
    •    Marinas
    •    Power plants
    •    Intake structures
    •    Lagoons
    •    Ash slurry ponds
    •    Water treatment facilities
    •    Channels and canals

Keep the flow. Keep your environmental conscience.

Even with deep dredging, there’s no need to compromise your environmental conscience when you work with Veit. Because the dredge floats above the water, and because the units are portable, hydraulic dredging is one of the least intrusive methods for removing sediment and sand buildup without damaging the surrounding environment.

Get rid of the debris. At up to 5000 gallons per minute.

It’s simple. Whether you need sediment transport or material separation, we complete your dredging project on time and on budget. Using advanced hydraulic technology our dredgers operate high-capacity augers that unearth the problematic matter from the water body. The sludge, sediment, sand or other matter is then transported via pipeline to permanent or temporary storage areas. The entire process is quick, efficient and saves you time, costs and headaches.

Find out how our hydraulic dredging can solve your water blockage problems.


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