Drilled Piers

Proven Experience

Start your next drilled pier foundation project with confidence: Partner with Veit. Veit has the equipment, professional project managers, and expert field staff to execute all phases of drilled pier foundation installation on commercial, industrial, and civil projects including:

  • Cellular Towers
  • Bridge Piers/Abutments
  • Building Foundations
  • Electrical Substations
  • Power Transmission Line Towers
  • Stadiums
  • Retention Systems
  • Drop Shafts
  • Gas Extraction Wells

Solving Tough Problems - safely

Veit is known throughout the Midwest for tackling the most difficult drilled pier foundation installations. Our professional project management techniques and technically advanced equipment help streamline your project schedule- and your budget. And our award winning safety program is your assurance to worksite safety.

Geotechnical Expertise

Veit design professionals work with owners, geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, and general contractors to analyze your foundation needs and develop the most effective drilled pier application. We start by carefully analyzing your site and subsurface conditions. Whether the issues are vibration limitations, tight property lines, low overhead restrictions, or existing buildings, Veits' professional drilled pier team has the expertise and commitment to ensure your success.

Count on Veit for effective and affordable drilled pier solutions.


Featured Projects:

Victoria Interceptor

In order to directionally bore a deep sewer shaft, Veit constructed four large drop shafts ranging in diameter from 18-24 feet and extending to depths in excess of 100 feet. Veit overcame difficult conditions including boulders, cobbles, 100+ blow count soils, and restricted overhead space to complete this project. Shafts were drilled using a unique polymer/bentonite slurry.

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High Voltage Transmission Line River Crossing

In preparation for the installation of two high voltage transmission line towers on either side of a small river, Veit installed eighteen foot diameter drilled piers to depths of 80-90 feet. Pier construction included wet method (slurry) installation, full depth reinforcing cage, concrete, and anchor bolt placement.

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  • Straight Shaft Piers
  • Belled Piers
  • Dry Installation with Temporary or Permanent Casing
  • Wet Method (slurry installation)
  • Rock Coring
  • Rebar Cage Installation
  • Anchor Bolt Installation
  • Above Grade Forming
  • Wide Variety of Shaft Diameters
  • Shaft Depths in Excess of 110 feet