Industrial Site Development

Turnkey capabilities, solid commitment

Start your next industrial construction project confidently: Partner with Veit. Veit has the equipment, professional project managers and expert field staff to execute all phases of industrial site development — whether you’re building or expanding a refinery/petrochemical facility, power plant, mining facility or ethanol plant. 

We maintain an impressive fleet of advanced equipment to expedite every phase of industrial site development, excavation and grading. Veit has earned an excellent reputation of completing fast track and difficult projects ahead of schedule by aggressively applying manpower and large equipment. No matter how complex your project or how challenging the site or soil conditions, Veit’s professional site development team has the experience and the commitment to ensure your success.

Extensive safety certification

In addition to our award-winning onsite safety program, Veit field personnel receive extensive safety training and are certified in OSHA, MSHA, ECCS, RAILSAFE, and HAZWOPER safety protocol. Veit is trained, equipped and ready to commit to your budget and your schedule.

Bring it on!


Featured Projects:

Hydro Station Reservoir

This project featured earthen embankment construction, mass excavation/import, and sheet piling to reconstruct a hydro-electric plant reservoir.

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  • Mass grading and excavation
  • Soil correction
  • Rock excavation
  • Overburden stripping
  • Storm water retention and settling pond construction
  • Mechanical and hydraulic dredging
  • Landfill construction and closure
  • Precision subgrade preparation for structures, rail lines, conveyors, and tanks
  • Road and parking lot construction
  • Retaining walls
  • Haulroad construction
  • Lined tank farm construction and SPCC upgrades
  • Sludge lagoon cleaning and waste handling
  • Contaminated soil cleanup and site remediation
  • Site construction design review and value engineering