Commercial Site Development

Tackling a commercial construction project? Whether it’s hotel construction in a high-density area or a suburban office park with poor soil conditions, Veit’s the one to call. Veit has the know-how to ensure your success. You can count on our highly trained field staff, professional project managers, and rock-solid commitment to your schedule and your budget.

With a virtual army of high-tech machines, Veit is equipped and ready to meet your most demanding construction schedule. Our commercial site development team brings years of experience with complex, multiphase projects. Veit’s services range from clearing and grubbing to pad completion, final grade and topsoil/seeding.

Swift, safe excavation and grading

Deep or mass excavation? Bring it on! We’ve tackled the toughest sites and soils, using advanced technology like our GPS-guided equipment for more precise grading. And Veit’s award-winning safety program ensures your commercial work site stays safe.

Featured Projects: