underwater commercial or industrial challenge?

We’ll dive right in.


Just because it’s below the surface doesn’t mean you can’t solve the problem. With experienced divers and advanced know-how in virtually any underwater industry and application, commercial diving services from Veit bring you safe, effective results.

From burning and welding for underwater construction to salvage and contaminated diving, our commercial diving services provide you with solutions that work. Plain and simple.

Commercial diving services from Veit include:

    •    Underwater burning and welding
    •    Underwater video inspections
    •    Diver-assist dredging and jetting
    •    Marine construction and salvage
    •    Bridge and dam inspections and repairs
    •    Pile encapsulation
    •    Waste water / contaminated diving
    •    Potable water
    •    Pipeline installation, inspection and repairs
    •    Coffer dams
    •    Trash rack and traveling screens
    •    Intakes and outfalls

Cut-and-dry solutions for watery conditions.

When it comes to underwater construction, salvage, contaminated diving and other types of diving situations, water brings an entirely different set of challenges, such as corrosion, pressure and temperature when compared to above-the-surface applications. Our commercial divers offer industry skills and sound underwater construction expertise year-round, so you can count on accurate, safe and effective outcomes.

Sophisticated solutions. Unique underwater problems.

Expert industrial diving is only part of the equation. Equally vital to our commercial services is the dedicated project management, advanced technology and strategic execution you get when you partner with Veit. What’s more, we know our customers and the unique problems facing their underwater operations. And we know how to solve them.

Find out how Veit’s commercial diving services can solve your underwater challenges.