Specialty Contracting and Waste Management

Veit specialty contracting and waste management.


The construction industry was rough, ready, and wide open when Veit was founded in 1928. Land was plentiful, labor cheap, and safety and environmental regulations were non-existent. All it took to succeed was ambition and a shovel.

Veit upped the ante from the first time we broke ground. We brought innovation to the landscape, finding smart new ways to solve age-old construction site problems.

Today’s projects are infinitely more complex. Now more than ever you need a proven construction site partner who puts innovation to work by solving a broad range of specialty contracting challenges.

Check out our service experience across many different markets and contact us to see where your needs fit.

Specialty contracting services.

  • Earthwork
  • Demolition
  • Utilities
  • Foundations
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Hydraulic dredging
  • Commercial diving
  • Painting services

Waste management services.

  • Solid waste disposal
  • Material recovery
  • Roll-off containers
  • Waste and commodity hauling



From industrial and commercial site development to landfill construction, environmental remediation, golf course construction, dredging and sludge handling, Veit has the tools, skills and innovation for expert earthwork.


When it comes to demolition, safety is the top priority. That’s why whether we’re tearing down a single home or razing a civic center, nothing is completed without human and environmental safety in mind.


Municipalities and private utilities alike have come to appreciate our problem-solving personnel and safe, effective HDPE pipe fusing, and installation/rehabilitation work for storm sewers, sanitary sewers and water mains.


Whether you’re building a dam or installing retention systems for deep earthwork, our foundation work and extensive soil stabilizing solutions give you peace of mind and solid outcomes.

Industrial cleaning

Maybe you need routine plant maintenance. Or perhaps you’re looking for specialty process equipment cleaning. Or you might need hazardous decontamination cleaning services. Veit has got you covered.

Hydraulic dredging

Problematic sediment can build up in a collection pond or within water bodies, which impedes vital water flow or watercraft passage. At Veit, our dredges auger and remove buildup with minimal environmental impact and fast, cost-effective processes.

Commercial diving

From underwater construction to salvage and contaminated diving, our commercial diving services provide solutions that work. With advanced know-how in virtually any underwater industry and application, commercial diving services from Veit bring you safe, effective results.

Solid waste disposal

Industrial waste and non-recyclable construction/demolition debris must conform to strict regulations when it comes to disposal. That’s where you can count on Veit’s strong environmental compliance record.

Material recovery

Managing recyclable materials on the job site can often become a headache you don’t have time to deal with. Fortunately, we do. From wood and concrete to metal and plastic, our turnkey recovery processes help you get full value for your debris without the hassle.

Roll-off containers

We deliver. You load. We haul. What could be easier? Whether you need one or an entire series of containers, no matter the size of your project, we’ve got the container and the service to make the process simple for you.

Waste & commodity hauling

We’ve got an impressive fleet of end dumps, roll-off containers, and trucks that work hand-in-hand to load and haul virtually any type of non-hazardous waste. And we make it easy on you. Dump your problems on us … we can take it.

Count on Veit to always deliver. Our two core business offerings – specialty contracting and waste management – are unified under one goal: to solve your toughest construction site and facility problems effectively and safety.

Painting services

Heavy equipment takes a beating at construction sites. And so does their paint job. You want your fleet looking sharp no matter if you’re working in a residential neighborhood or within an industrial site. That’s why our paint shop is industry certified to get your trucks and equipment looking like new again.

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