Industrial Cleaning

Down and dirty, that’s how we like it.

Industrial cleaning is a dirty job and Veit is happy to do it. This is vital, because the unglamorous task requires attention to detail and a can-do attitude. It also takes an arsenal of tools, technologies, techniques and knowledge. Our staff is trained in confined-space entry, HAZWOPER, and OSHA requirements. Needless to say, Veit is well armed to handle your industrial cleaning needs with a heralded recordable incident rate and experience modification rating that’s at the top of the industry. Better people, better approaches, and better techniques are why Veit is right for industrial cleaning.

• vacuum truck cleaning (wet and dry material removal)

• high pressure water cleaning and cutting
• processing and manufacturing equipment cleaning
• water cutting
• surface cleaning/preparation
• plant / vessel / pond cleaning

• surface cleaning/preparation

• plant / vessel / pond cleaning
• sewer televising and cleaning
• dry ice cleaning
• food grade tank cleaning
• mining equipment cleaning
• hazardous materials decontamination
• pre demolition environmental site cleaning