Moving heaven and earth? We'll handle the latter.

At the end of the day, earthwork is just moving dirt. Or is it? Does it matter who handles your site preparation? Absolutely. Even “simple” projects require planning and execution to ensure safety, on-time completion and maintaining budget parameters. Not to mention complying with industry and environmental regulations from OSHA, MSHA, RAILSAFE and HAZWOPER — as well as spot-on grade tolerances essential to success. So much for “simple.”

Be it fast-track, complex, multi-phase, massive-scale or small projects, Veit sets the stage for greatness — your greatness. Without delay, issues or hassles. Which is why Veit is right for earthwork.

• Mass Grading/Excavation
• Site Clearing & Grubbing
• Soil Correction
• Landfill Construction/Closure
• Pond Construction
• Storm Water Retention Systems
• Erosion Control
• Material Relocation
• Pad Completion
• Topsoil/Seeding
• Retaining Walls
• Rock Excavation

• Overburden Stripping
• Surcharge Construction and Consolidation
• Structural Excavation
• Lined Tank Farm Construction and SPCC Upgrades
• Sludge Lagoon Cleaning and Waste Handling
• Rail Sub-grade Construction (for loading/offloading facilities)
• Tank Excavation/Backfill
• Containment Liner and Berm Construction
• Parking Lot & Road Construction
• Site Construction Design Review & Value Engineering