Marine Construction


When it comes to marine construction, Veit’s expertise flows naturally. That’s because we have an experienced team of professionals who have seen it all above and below the water. For decades our crews have served the energy sector, municipalities, governmental entities, power plants, and more. Our talented marine professionals bring knowledge, innovation, and fortitude to shore up any challenges on marine projects and our commitment to quality, safety, and the environment is second to none. If you need a problem solver? You’ve come to the right place. If you need a reference? We have plenty to prove our past. If you need a partner in Marine Construction? We’d love to shake your hand and get to work.
Our marine construction services include:

• Dredging
• Diving
• In-situ capping and sand covers
• Sediment sampling
• Habitat restoration
• Hydrographic survey
• Bridge construction and repair
• Dam construction and repair
• Contaminated sediments removalPile driven structures

• Pipelines/outfall-intakes
• ROV/crawler/sonar
• Marine salvage/casualty response
• Ships husbandry
• Submarine cable support
• Tunnel hyperbaric support
• Environmental
• Nuclear
• Bridge Inspection
• FERC Inspections on dams